Born in Japan in 1980, happily living in Berlin for the past 15 years, Germany.​​​​​​​
My interest for medical illustration started about 17 years ago. At that time, I studies architecture in Stuttgart (University of Stuttgart, Germany) where I got an idea for a project: a house built alone with clone technology. For that project I started researching on the topic and read many texts and books about human body construction and clone technology. What really caught my eye were the beautiful drawings in the books that fascinated me. After I changed my major to Fine Arts (Berlin University of the Arts, Germany), medical illustration and medical animation became my source of inspiration for some of my old installation projects.
Time flies, and today I work as a professional 3D artist, specialized in medical animation and medical illustration. Apart from working with the classical video format, I can also handle VR and AR output. My job requires me to work with in detail my hands. Yet for me, it is more than a job – I work with my heart and soul on my projects, since it is my greatest passion. I’d be very happy to use my skills and ambition for future projects with you.
I look forward hearing from you!